State-of-the-art Archery range

State-of-the-art Archery range at Cap St Georges Hotel & Resort

We are excited to announce that a new state-of-the-art Archery range is set to be built at Cap St Georges Hotel & Resort.
The new project of Korantina Homes will be carried out in collaboration with the Cyprus Archery Federation in order to ensure that all specification requirements can accommodate the training for the athletes of foreign national teams and host international games.

The project is expected to be completed end of October 2023 and is already scheduled to host the 7th Aphrodite Mediterranean Cup in early November 2023 with the main aim of holding international games just before the Olympic games in 2024.
Next month, November 2022, the Congress will be held in Cyprus and the owner of Korantina Homes, George Ioannou, together with Andreas Theofylaxtou, the president of the Cyprus Archery Federation, will be taking the 20 representatives of the World Archery Europe for a tour to Agios Georgios Pegeias.

Archery is an Olympic and Paralympic sport that today is considered one of the most active Federations in Cyprus with daily activities and the organization of international games every year.

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