Cap St Georges Resort Hometown Is the 2023 European Capital of Smart Tourism

Following a European Jury meeting in Brussels on the 9th of November, European Commission Director Valentina Superti announced Paphos as the recipient of the prestigious European Capital of Smart Tourism award. The title was bestowed to the city in recognition of its outstanding achievements in several categories of smart tourism: sustainability, accessibility, digitalisation, cultural heritage, and creativity. Our home city was selected from a total of 29 cities across 13 countries, outperforming other shortlisted cities including Denmark's Aarhus, Spain's Gijón and San Sebastián, Portugal's Porto, and Croatia's Zagreb.

Avant Garde Digitalisation

Guests at Cap St Georges Resort can look forward to having their pristine, flaw-free experience in the hotel extended throughout the city of Paphos, as a series of digital city projects have recently been launched in the city, which have no doubt played a role in its standout performance. Smart Street Lighting, Smart Poles, a Data Center, a Smart Parking Management System, and a Geographic Information System have all been installed in the city.

A Low-power wide-area (LoRaWAN) network has also been installed, whilst the Myth of Aphrodite, an app that makes use of cutting-edge augmented reality technology, is also expected to be launched in the coming year by the Paphos municipality. Visitors in Paphos will be able to scan images of Aphrodite in different places on the city's coastline and observe her in their real environment through their smartphones and tablets, bringing the city's legend to life.

One of the Top Tourist Destinations for 2023

Paphos consistently attracts most tourist arrivals in Cyprus, serving as one of the island's most popular locations. It is easy to see why: the most ancient part of the island is still alive, well, and thriving in modern times, providing holidaymakers with ancient UNESCO World Heritage Sites, dreamy landscapes straight out of legend, cosmopolitan cityscapes, true Mediterranean bliss, and opulent holiday accommodation in the hotel grounds and luxury villas of Cap St Georges.

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