Sites Near Cap St Georges Villas You Have to Visit

Our collection of opulent seaside villas in the luxury resort of Cap St Georges can be found in a particularly privileged location in the isle of Aphrodite, where natural beauty, a mild Mediterranean climate, and island serenity can truly be appreciated.

Furthermore, with the Cypriot region of Paphos receiving a European Silver 'Quality Coast' Award, as well as its recognition as one of the Top 100 Green Destinations in the World by Green Destinations late last year, it would be a shame for anyone lucky enough to be visiting Aphrodite's homeland to not enjoy its magnificent sites.

Interested in learning about all must-see sites near Cap St Georges Villas? Have a look at our list below:

Edro III Shipwreck

Visit the only shipwreck above the surface of the sea in Cyprus!

Situated a short 9-minute drive from our Cap St Georges Villas, the Edro III shipwreck is one of the most popular and Instagrammable locations in Paphos, as well as the entire island of Cyprus. Despite being mostly comprised of the remains of a Norwegian cargo ship, the Edro III Shipwreck is hauntingly beautiful.

Grounded near Paphos's sea caves and sea stacks at a stunning angle, the shipwreck's orange, rust-tinged exterior seamlessly blends with the island's earth-tone landscape, creating a sight that seems both harmonious and opposed to its surroundings at the same time!

Avakas Gorge Nature Trail

This dramatic canyon located within the UNESCO-protected Akamas Peninsula National Park is one of the most important sites in Cyprus as well as the best-known gorge, owing to its blessed natural beauty. Only 15 minutes away from our luxury resort, the Avakas Gorge is a favourite hiking location for all outdoor enthusiasts on the island owing to its stunning rock formations, verdant environs, and wildlife.

Ancient Paphos

Travel back in time!

A short and smooth 27-minute drive south from Cap St Georges alongside Cyprus's western coast will take you to Ancient Paphos, a UNESCO World Heritage Site containing sites from the pre-historic era to the Middle Ages. The site is famed for its four Roman villas (the House of Dionysos, the House of Aion, the House of Orpheus, and the House of Theseus) and their fabulously preserved mosaic floors, as well as the large underground necropolis known as the Tombs of the Kings.

The Perfect Location

Positioned in a strategic location only a few minutes' drive away from all of the district's points of interest and amenities, both guests and homeowners who wish to experience the very best of what Paphos has to offer will be delighted with the central location of Cap St Georges Villas.

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